Pet Sitting Services in Regina

Dog Care

Dog Care Basic $10 (feeding, let out to pee, no walk needed)

Dog Care Basic + walk $15/visit
Includes short walk. Prices for walks based on length of time. Call for quotes.

Dog Care Deluxe $40/day
Three visits per day (typically morning, around 4pm and late evening).
Walks and playtime of your choice, feeding, poop clean up during visits etc.

Cat Care

Cat Care Basic $10
One visit per day. Feed and clean litter box. Extra time negotiable for playtime or other services required.

Cat Care Deluxe $25/day
Two visits per day with playtime

Cat Care Supreme $35/day

Three visits per day (morning, afternoon and evening). Includes extended playtime.

Home Security checks and mail collection are included with pet sitting.

Snow removal/lawn care - please refer to 'house sitting' page.

Please notify me of cancellations as soon as possible.

Other Animals

Experience with various other animals (birds, snakes, fish, etc., and as very unusual visiting pig at Agribition one year. That was one of the more unusual ones that I had.  Call for quotes if you have special circumstances.